Robin Bernhoft, M.D. – Ventura County Bioidentical Hormones Specialist

Ventura County Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. at the Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine has over 40 years of experience treating patients, and he has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of men and women in the Ventura County and Ojai, California area. Dr. Bernhoft interviews and examines each patient thoroughly, treating each man or woman as the uniquely genetic individual that they are, and he suggests the most comprehensive hormone testing available, while formulating a plan to include features that resonate with the patient, as well as good medical practices.

Dr. Bernhoft’s mission is to treat the whole patient with an integrative science based approach and to practice the future of medicine today. Dr. Bernhoft’s philosophy is that one of the most important relationships a person can have is with his or her doctor or other health care professional. He believes that the confidence a patient has in his or her doctor makes a difference in the successful road back to health and wellness. As an Anti-Aging doctor, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. incorporates the latest advances in Age Management Medicine with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to provide a powerful treatment plan for patients.

As your body makes the transition from young adulthood to middle age and eventually into old age, it undergoes many physical, mental, and emotional changes along the way. For some people, these changes make them feel old long before they are ready for it. The hormonal changes in both men and women can be especially challenging. Some of the specific problems experienced by both genders include:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Irritability, anxiety, and depression
  • Difficulty with sustained mental focus
  • Decreased sexual libido
  • Weight gain, especially in the abdominal area

Additionally, men and women may struggle with gender-specific issues related to hormone imbalance. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for middle-aged and older men while women may experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people internalize the message that these problems are a natural part of getting older and there is nothing they can do about them. Robin Bernhoft, M.D. who specializes in anti-aging treatments and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), wants you to know this is not true. A long-lasting solution to the discomfort of aging is closer than you might think.

How Bioidentical Hormones Makes You Feel Young Again

Since imbalanced hormones directly cause many of the unpleasant changes of aging, bringing them into balance can help to improve your symptoms rapidly. However, this doesn’t always happen with medications and other therapies prescribed by most traditional doctors. The main reason for this is that doctors who practice traditional medicine usually prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to address symptoms as they present themselves, instead of a comprehensive treatment plan that considers the patient as a whole. Some people may show improvement on these drugs, but many others show no changes at all, some actually have their symptoms increase in severity or become complicated by unpleasant side effects of the medication.

Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. believes that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a more effective means of providing anti-aging and wellness services to his patients for several important reasons. These include:

  • The ingredients from these hormones are derived from plants rather than manufactured by scientists. Even though both synthetic and Bioidentical Hormones are changed into a compound medication by pharmacists, only Bioidentical Hormones contain a cell structure that is identical to the body’s natural hormones.
  • Because of their natural ingredients, most patients tolerate Bioidentical Hormones much easier than synthetic ones and see faster results. This allows patients the relief they have been searching for with confidence in a safe and natural alternative.
  • Unlike traditional medical practitioners, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. determines your exact hormone imbalances with a blood test, saliva test, or both. He also asks detailed questions in order to understand how these imbalances affect your quality of life. This allows him to request a tailor-made compound medication from a local pharmacy. In short, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is focused to address only those hormones that are out of balance and leaves the rest alone.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Review

Your search for the right doctor is over.  Look no further than Dr. Robin Bernhoft.  He is intelligent and compassionate with substantial credentials and experience that include graduating cum laude from Harvard University and Past President of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is completely patient oriented.  I totally agree with his effective philosophy of  “treating the whole patient with an integrative science based approach.” Dr. Bernhoft is the future of medicine…today. Dr. Bernhoft focused immediately on the underlying causes of my ailments with laser precision.  I’m talking about getting down to the genetic level through necessary diagnostic testing. After all, what’s more important than living healthy and well?  And all of this seemed as if it were part of a routine day for Dr. Bernhoft. It was.

Some doctors are uneasy with a patient who researches and ask many questions about their condition. Dr. Bernhoft encourages patients to become knowledgeable and gladly answers any questions.

As I’ve been happily continuing with my treatments, I’ve met many of his other patients who have told me about their success with Dr. Bernhoft’s recommended treatments.  It is not uncommon to hear from his other patients that Dr. Bernhoft has brought them back. “I had one foot in the grave,” I’ve heard more than once. As a side note, while at his center, it was a miracle to see one of Dr. Bernhoft patients, an autistic child, coming out of a lifetime of silence! This child’s freedom from autism was one of many similar results in this office.

Finally his friendly staff feels more like your friends.  You will see what I mean when you come in for your visit. You’ll be glad that you did. -Dr. James S.

Getting Started With Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Ventura County Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. at the Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine will start by testing an individual’s hormone levels to check for imbalances. Upon determining imbalances, the patient will start on a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program. Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. offers many forms of BHRT, so he feels that it is important to select an administration plan that is meaningful to the patient and which makes the protocol most effective for each individual to find relief from their symptoms and achieve success.

As soon as test results have arrived, Doctor Bernhoft reaches out to patients to schedule their follow-up appointments. Patients will be part of the decision making process in ordering BHRT medicines and supplements. Then, he will suggest a schedule for future follow-ups and keeping him informed of their progress.

The medical office team is available by phone and email five days a week, to give support and answers to all of the patients’ questions and concerns throughout the process of their care. The Doctor, nursing staff, and the front office support team’s goal is to ensure that each patient understands their diagnosis and the prescribed protocols, and they are there to assist them with what is needed, for the best possible results of their treatment and care.

To learn more about obtaining a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program, contact Ojai, California Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specialist, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. at the Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine today to schedule a consultation!

Call Ventura County Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Robin A. Bernhoft, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 531 to schedule your consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.